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God Is an Ashpyxiating Black Sauce

Johanna Hedva feat.
William Fowler Collins, Anja Kanngieser, Geneva Skeen, Gabie Strong & Pauline Lay, Johannes Beck und Universal Solvent Studios


Audio-Description-Tour in Klosterruine Berlin

As part of Johanna Hedva's exhibition God is an Asphyxiating Black Sauce we invite you to an audio-description of the Klosterruine Berlin on June 25. The tour is for blind and visually impaired visitors and will convey the visual elements of the monastery ruins. It will be led live in German and English by Emmilou Rößling.
Start is at 3 pm in front of the Main Entrance of Klosterruine. Duration of the tour is about one hour. A reservation or ticket is not needed.

July 25, 3 pm, free entrance, Open Air


Opening for the summer solstice on June 20, the Klosterruine hosts Johanna Hedva’s first solo show in Germany. Hedva is an artist, writer, musician, and astrologer whose practice tunnels into the radical permeabilities of the body and investigates its relationship to time, capitalism, death, nothingness, and the cosmos.

For their exhibition God is an Asphyxiating Black Sauce, Hedva mixes new and unreleased sound pieces by friends and collaborators with their own site-responsive, shape-shifting works of music and text, concocting different versions of the work to be experienced, remotely and on site, virtually, and telepathically.

Continuing their inquiry into breaking the unholy union between time and productivity, the installation creates a soundscape of noise, music, and language that prods and howls at the infinite. What does absence feel like, sound like: this black sauce that runs beneath, through, without and within our everyday time? Does absence exist at all? Isn’t it always teeming with the presences of histories, memories, ghosts?

One iteration of the exhibition is this custom website showing a live-stream of the sky over the Klosterruine, with access to the entire Playlist: godsauce.black


Winterprogram 2019-2020
15.12.2019 – 31.05.2020

Unfinished Histories: The Better Alchemists

Contemporary Artists Respond to Leonhard Thurneysser

15.12.2019 – 30.01.2020
Unfinished Histories Vol. V [Exhibition]
Leonhard Thurneyssers Riddles

01.02. – 31.05.2020
Unfinished Histories Vol. VI [Exhibition]
Haytham El-Wardany, Monika Rinck

31.5.2020  04 - 06:30 pm
The Better Alchemists in Dialogue
lecture, reading and talk with Haytham El-Wardany, Jasmin Mersmann, Monika Rinck
Hosted by Babes Bar with „Libations“
moderated by Paz Guevara

4 pm lecture:
Jasmin Mermann „Hyperphysik, oder: Die Transmutationen des Leonhard Thurneysser zum Thurn“
5 pm reading and talk:
Haytham El-Wardany „True Fables“ and Monika Rinck „Goldes Wert“

Due to the current situation the number of visitors is limited. Please RVSP at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"The Better Alchemists: Contemporary Artists Respond to Leonhard Thurneysser" explores the methods of the alchemist Thurneysser, who operated Berlin's first printing press, a laboratory, and a Wunderkammer in the monastery. In addition to alchemy, Thurneysser dealt with metallurgy, botany, uroscopy, translation, amongst others. As "Better Alchemists", authors and artists are invited to engage with the historical context, linguistic and scientific approaches of the controversial figure Thurneysser.

The exhibition opens in mid-December with Thurneysser's (Vol. V.) alchemical riddles. Until the 18th century, the genre of riddle rhymes was a common literary form used by many alchemists including Thurneysser who often encoded alchemical knowledge and factual questions in rhyme form. In the first episode of this year's programme, two of Leonhard Thurneysser's riddles from the 16th century are shown. The rhymes come from the Quinta essentia (1574) and from one of his major works, Archidoxa - an elaborately designed, large-format book developed in his printing shop that contained planetary tables, which he claims could be used to predict the future.
The programme continues in February until the first weekend in May with texts by Monika Rinck and Haytham El-Wardany (Vol. VI). On the 2nd May a symposium will conclude the programme with the authors, art historians and performances.

The focus of the exhibition is a multimedia LED installation in the Klosterruine. Artistic Production: Carolina Redondo
During the seasonal closure of the Klosterruine until the beginning of May, the exhibition can be viewed from the outside every day between 10am-10pm.


23.3.2020 – 19.4.2020

Times in Crisis

With Leda Bourgogne, Verena Buttman, Eli Cortiñas, Magdalena Los, Nick Koppenhagen, David Reiber Otálora, Julia Novacek, Pablo Schlumberger, Mirjam Thomann, Nik Timkova & Zuzana Žabková a.o. 

Invited by Christopher Weickenmeier/Produced by Carolina Redondo

The COVID-19 outbreak has done away with ordinary life. For now. But when exactly is this now? To act in this crisis is to anticipate its effects, to not waste time. All the while in Wuhan, China, the numbers of new infections are stagnating and the worst appears a thing of the past. The far-reaching measures of “social distancing” enforced by the state and the subsequent suspension of our everyday routines are bound to further obscure our sense of time. Trying to stay in touch with the “outside world”, many of us turn to the news, exposing us to a time that is nothing but a sequence of events, one that can virtually be sped up at will. “Times in Crisis” invites artists to adapt the format of the video diary and to keep track of their time. Insisting on daily repetition, it constitutes an invitation to check in and slow down. After all, the speed of the virus spreading, is the same with which people go to work, take breaks, meet friends, have a drink, take the stairs and sleep. Against the predominant impression that we don’t have any, we actually do have time. Time we should use, to take care of each other.

Eine Online-Ausstellung auf dem Youtube-Channel und den Social Media Accounts der Klosterruine Berlin